Multi-peril crop insurance covers a variety of perils and is a Federally Subsidized program that can be bought to cover revenue or bushels per acre. You must insure all acres of the crops you chose to insure in a specific county. It is a per crop/per county policy.  The premium for this policy is set by the Federal Government and does not vary from company to company. Crop Hail is a named peril policy and can be put on any field you wish to cover.  You pay the full premium and they may vary from company to company.

Dates to Remember for Nebraska in 2017


Sales Closing Date for corn and soybeans is March 15

Earliest planting for corn is April 10 or April 15* and soybeans is April 25

*Check Special Provisions per county.

Final Plant date for corn is May 25 and soybeans is June 10

Production Reports are due April 29

Acreage Reports are due on July 15

Premium Due Date is August 15 and delinquent on October 1

Notice of Loss: must be submitted 72 hours after insured has decided not to plant after the Final Plant Date for Prevented Planting and 72 hours after loss is determined or up to 15 days after the End of Insurance Period (Harvest, Appraisal, Destroyed or Calendar Date)


This is not a legally binding document, check Actuarial documents for your area.

Tilden Insurance Center and the companies they use are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, and reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity.