Automobile & Umbrella Insurance

A personal auto policy will cover vehicles that are only for personal use. If you are driving for hire, this is not the policy you want. All states have a minimum limit of liability requirement, but in my opinion it is not nearly enough. To be protected in case of a suit, I would buy the highest amount of coverage the company offers and then you can put an Umbrella on top of that in increments of $1,000,000.

For a quote for auto insurance reports from Department of Motor Vehicles and other Third Party Venders may be pulled to determine your premium. Your Drivers License, Date of Birth and Social Security Number are necessary for these reports. Also for the most accurate quote it is helpful to have the Vehicle Identification Number of all the vehicles to be listed on the policy.

For an Umbrella quote your underlining policy information is needed and in most cases it is required to all be with the same company.  We do have one company that will do a Stand-Alone Umbrella but there are some restrictions.